Creating a New Tab

To create a new tab, click on the "+" button in the tab navigation bar. A new tab with the default name "Tab - n" is created.

To name the tab, hover near the name of the tab to which you wish to make changes to, and click the edit icon. You can then make changes to the text, and click enter. 

Duplicating a Tab

To duplicate a tab, open the tab which you wish to duplicate and click on the "Duplicate" button. A dialog box containing list of your reports will pop up. Choose the report you want to duplicate your tab into and press 'select'.
A duplicate of the tab with the default name "Tab Name - copy", will be created and added to the selected report.

PS: Though all the widgets will be copied over with the tab, the data might be different depending on the data sources of the report the tab was duplicated to.

Deleting a Tab

To delete a tab, open the tab which you wish to delete and click the "Delete" button. You will be asked for a confirmation, on accepting it that tab will be deleted. 

Please note that deleted tabs cannot be recovered.

Learn more about creating, duplicating and deleting widgets.

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