List of Dimensions:

Level of Detail

  1. Advertiser
  2. Campaign
  3. Strategy

List of Metrics:

Basic Metric List

  1. MM: Clicks 
  2. MM: CTC
  3. MM: CTR 
  4. MM: Impressions 
  5. MM: Media Cost 
  6. MM: Media Cost CPA 
  7. MM: Media Cost CPC
  8. MM: Media Cost CPM 
  9. MM: Media Cost PC CPA
  10. MM: Post Click Conversions 
  11. MM: Post View Conversions 
  12. MM: RR per 1000 impressions
  13. MM: Total Ad Cost 
  14. MM: Total Ad Cost CPA 
  15. MM: Total Ad Cost CPC 
  16. MM: Total Ad Cost CPM 
  17. MM: Total Ad Cost PC CPA 
  18. MM: Total Ad Cost PV CPA 
  19. MM: Total Conversions 
  20. MM: Total Spend 
  21. MM: Total Spend CPA 
  22. MM: Total Spend CPC 
  23. MM: Total Spend CPA 
  24. MM: Total Spend PC CPA 
  25. MM: Total Spend PV CPA 

Video specific Metrics

  1. MM: Video Close 
  2. MM: Video Collapse 
  3. MM: Video Companion Clicks 
  4. MM: Video Companion CTR 
  5. MM: Video Companion Impressions 
  6. MM: Video Complete 
  7. MM: Video Complete rate 
  8. MM: Video expand 
  9. MM: Video first quartile 
  10. MM: Video first quartile rate 
  11. MM: Video Fullscreen 
  12. MM: Video Midpoint 
  13. MM: Video MidPoint Rate 
  14. MM: Video Mute 
  15. MM: Video Pause 
  16. MM: Video Play Rate 
  17. MM: Video Resume 
  18. MM: Video Rewind 
  19. MM: Video Skip
  20. MM: Video Skippable Impression 
  21. MM: Video Skipped Impressions 
  22. MM: Video Skipped Rate 
  23. MM: Video Start 
  24. MM: Video Third Quartile 
  25. MM: Video Third Quartile Rate 
  26. MM: Video Unmute 

Note: The integration with MediaMath is currently under development. Hence the final list of metrics and dimensions may differ.

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