If you have certain advertising data reported via email or CSVs; or have other custom data (CRM, OMS) that you want to get into Clarisights, you can create a POD data source.

Introduction to POD

The POD data source of Clarisights can be used to import any flat file format into Clarisights. Here's a Guide on POD data source which we strongly suggest reading before proceeding with this article.

How to create a POD data source?

Step 1 - Select "POD" as the integration on the Integrations page

Step 2 - Give a suitable name and abbreviation and choose the appropriate source type, i.e. the way of importing data into Clarisights. 

The data in can be imported via. following source type.

  1. Upload a CSV
  2. Connect a Google Sheet
  3. Import data from attachment to a scheduled email
  4. CSV URL

Step 3 - Specify the list of dimensions and metrics that you are uploading i.e. the header row. Make sure to match the exact same name as it is present in the header row.

Step 4 - Once your have specified the list of metrics and dimensions, you can start sending the data via. the source type chosen.

Once any data is imported, a new data source gets created in Clarisights. This may take upto couple of hours based on amount of data before you can see all the imported data. You can create your reports by selecting this as the data source in the report.

Go back to Guide to POD data source.

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