The v1/segments endpoint in the Clarisights API requires the user to send a GET request with authentication to, and returns the list of available breakdowns and the levels at which each breakdown is available. A 'segment' is the secondary breakdown dimension after 'level' for real-time API jobs.

The response would be in this format -
{"[channel]": Array<{name: "segment", query: "segment", levels: ["levels"]}>}
For example -
{ "segments": { "facebook": [ { "name": "Age", "query": "age", "levels": [ "account", "campaign", "adset", "ad" ] }} 

The query values are present for all segments and are the unique identifiers of segments on Clarisights. They is used to specify the chosen level under the segment field in the v1/jobs endpoint.

Please note that real-time API jobs are available only for Facebook ad channel data at present.

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