To create a Clarisights workspace for your company, visit this link

The team member who's signing up should ideally have access to all the data sources you'd like to integrate initially. This person will also be assigned to an "Admin" role by default and can invite other team members to the workspace once the signup and data source integration are complete.

Once you are on the website, enter your information and a password, and click on "Sign up":

Once you have signed up, check your inbox for a verification mail.

Click on the confirmation link once you receive the email, and you'll be taken to the Clarisights platform. You'll see a list of instructions to get started. Here, you can follow the provided link to open the Integrations page.

Before connecting an ad channel, you'll be asked to select your country, currency, and timezone. Please make sure that you select the right options since the configuration will be permanent.

On Clarisights, you would first need to connect an advertising channel and then would be able to connect an analytics source. To connect an advertising channel, click on the channel you wish to add.

Depending on the channel you select, you'll be either asked for credentials to provide the required permissions or the tokens that are needed to fetch the data. Once you have granted permission/provided the token(s), you will see the accounts for that channel. Select the accounts you wish to connect in Clarisights and click on "Connect Accounts".

The selected accounts are now linked to Clarisights. You can link other advertising channels in a similar fashion. 

The integration steps for a few ad channels are a little different from the rest, you can find more details about the steps in their respective help docs.

Once you're finished linking your ad-channels, you can proceed to the analytics channel and link them in a similar fashion.

Congratulations! You've successfully signed up on Clarisights. Relax while we get all your data together and create some sample reports to help you get started. This process typically takes 72 hours and we will send you an email as soon as they are ready to go.

Meanwhile, you can invite your teammates to Clarisights. Learn how to invite users to Clarisights.

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