List of Dimensions:

Level of Detail

  1. Account

  2. Order

List of Metrics:

  1. OX: Impressions

  2. OX: Billable Impressions

  3. OX: Clicks

  4. OX: CTR

  5. OX: CPC

  6. OX: Click Conv. Rate

  7. OX: View Conv. Rate

  8. OX: Total Conv. Rate

  9. OX: Spend

  10. OX: View Conversions

  11. OX: Click Conversions

  12. OX: Total Conversions

  13. OX: Ad Requests

  14. OX: Gross Revenue

  15. OX: Net Revenue

  16. OX: Publisher Revenue

  17. OX: Gross ROI

  18. OX: Net ROI

  19. OX: Net Profit

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