Advertising Channels

Clarisights has deep integrations with most of the advertising channels. With deep integrations, you also get access to all of the important dimensions and metrics that are available in the individual channels. 

List of API Integrations

  1. Facebook

  2. Google Ads

  3. Twitter

  4. Bing

  5. Apple Search Ads

  6. TikTok

  7. Google Search Ads 360

  8. Google Search Console

  9. Snapchat

  10. Facebook/Instagram Organic

  11. Braze

  12. Seznam

  13. Yahoo! (Verizon)

  14. TVSquared

  15. AWIN

  16. CJAffiliate

  17. Taboola

  18. Outbrain

  19. Liftoff

  20. Remerge

  21. The Trade Desk

  22. Criteo

  23. Clevertap

Custom Advertising Channels

We also have the ability to read from custom reports setup from the following advertising channels.

Please feel free to reach out to your Clarisights CSM for help on setting the following custom advertising channels :

  1. Reddit Ads

  2. RevX

  3. DoubleClick Campaign Manager

  4. Google Display & Video 360

  5. Jampp

  6. Impact Radius

Analytics Sources

Clarisights connects the metrics from the Analytics sources with the Ad elements of the advertising channel. For example, with Clarisights you can find the Adjust installs of a specific ad in Facebook Ads.

List of Integrations

  1. Google Analytics

  2. Adjust

  3. Branch

  4. Appsflyer

Custom Integrations

  1. Custom Analytics (Internal Attribution)

  2. Custom Advertising

  3. Google BigQuery

  4. Custom CSV upload

  5. Amazon S3

  6. Google Cloud Storage

  7. URL CSV

  8. SFTP

  9. Email

Can't find a data source you use? Please reach out to your Clarisights CSM, we would love to know more about your use cases and explore ways to get the data into the platform.

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