List of Metrics:

Basic Deliverable metrics:

  1. AJ: Sessions

  2. AJ: Revenue

  3. AJ: Installs

  4. AJ: Transactions - This is equal to total number of occurrence of Revenue events

  5. AJ: Reattributions

  6. AJ: Deattributions

Custom Event Metrics:

Custom event metrics are named as - AJ: [event_name]
Clarisights supports up to 20 custom events from Adjust. The list of events have to be specified in the Adjust integration settings.

The basic deliverable metric with the prefix AJ is the super set of all the following breakdown metrics present in Clarisights.

Breakdown by Device Category:

Android and iOS specific basic metrics and custom event metrics are present with prefix- AJAND and AJIOS respectively. All the other device categories like iPad etc are grouped under "Adjust Others" with the prefix AJOTH.

Breakdown by Reattribution (Retargeting):

The retargeting only metrics i.e. Attribution status = Reattributed are grouped in Adjust Retargeting with the prefix AJRE.
Example: AJRE: Revenue

The following settings in Adjust will provide the Retargeting metrics

Android and iOS specific retargeting metrics are present with prefix- AJREAND and AJREIOS respectively. Similarly, the metrics for other device categories are present with prefix - AJREOTH.
Example: AJREAND: Sessions, AJREIOS: Revenue

Consequently, there are a total of 8 groups of Adjust metrics on Clarisights - 'Adjust', 'Adjust Android', 'Adjust iOS', 'Adjust Others', 'Adjust Retargeting', 'Adjust Retargeting Android', 'Adjust Retargeting iOS' and 'Adjust Retargeting Others'.

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