List of Dimensions:

Level of Detail

  1. Account

  2. Campaign

  3. Ad Group

  4. Keyword

Attributes of Campaigns

  1. Adam ID: This is the ID of the app that is being advertised.

  2. Total Budget

  3. Daily Budget

Attributes of Ad Group

  1. Ad Group Bid

Attributes of Keywords

  1. Unique Keyword: This attribute will neglect the match type of the keyword and will show the keyword in its raw form. Using this attribute, you can see the aggregate performance of a keyword which is being used in multiple Ad Groups in different match types.

  2. Keyword Match Type

Note: The bold and italicized dimensions in the above list are Super Dimensions. These dimensions are not directly available in the Apple Search Ads interface.

List of Metrics:

  1. ASA: Taps

  2. ASA: Conversions

  3. ASA: Cost

  4. ASA: Impressions

  5. ASA: Conversion Rate

  6. ASA: Avg CPT

  7. ASA: Tap Through Rate


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