The aggregate option is used to show the aggregate of each metric column in a table widget. For summable metrics, it is the SUM of all the rows; while for non-summable metrics, it is the overall value of the metric for all the rows. Enable aggregate by clicking on the checkbox beside "Show Aggregate" under more options.


The share option is used to show the % share of the metric value, out of the aggregate. For example, if a total spend of 100 is spread across 3 campaigns as 50, 40 and 10 - the % share for each would be 50%, 40% and 10%. Please note that share is visible only for summable metrics, and it needs "Show Aggregate" to be enabled to work. Enable share by clicking on the checkbox beside "Show Share" under more options.


The comparison option is used to show additional values of a metric across the compared-with date range. It displays the actual values, and % change of the metric between the two date ranges. First, select the date ranges you wish to display the data for, in the date range dropdown box in the top nav bar. 

Once you select a primary date range, Clarisights auto-fills the compare date range. For example, if you select the display date range as "This month", the compare date range is auto-filled as "Last month". If you wish to set a custom compare range, you can do so. Click 'Apply' to save the chosen date ranges.

Once you've chosen the date ranges, enable comparison by clicking on the checkbox beside "Show Comparison" under more options.

Metrics, share and aggregate of the display date range will be compared to the compare date range and the percentage change will displayed. 

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