Snapshots are useful to share view-only access to reports without needing the viewers to be logged into the Clarisights platform. Follow these steps to generate a shareable link for your report. 

Click on the “Report Snapshots” button in the report navigation bar. Here, you can either generate a new Snapshot or go through the Snapshots that were previously created for the report you're on.

Before generating a Snapshot, you can either name it (names come handy to track what's the purpose of the snapshot. For Example: Snapshot shared with Google POC) or use the auto-generated name. Once done, clicking on Generate will create a new snapshot of your report.

All the active generated Snapshots are available in the Snapshot Links section. You can either open the Snapshot in the new window, copy the link or email the link by using the available options.

Please note that this option makes the shared report static, i.e., no changes made after generating the link would reflect in the report accessed through the link. The data will continue to be updated though.

Snapshot links stay active as long as they're not deleted from the Snapshot Links section.

Locking Date in Snapshot

Snapshots can be described as the read-only version of your reports. Anyone accessing the report can only view the data that is available in the report and not make any changes to the dimensions, metrics, etc.

By default, the Lock Date in Snapshot toggle is enabled. In this state, the viewers of the snapshot are not allowed to change the date from the date picker. The date range will stay fixed to what was selected at the time of generating the Snapshot.

If the toggle is disabled at the time of generating Snapshot, the viewers of the snapshot will be able to change the date range and view the data for different time periods.

Happy sharing!

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