You can change the way you view your data in a widget by transforming it into a different type of visualization.
Click on the transform icon in the widget title bar. A drop down menu shows the various types you can convert the widget into. Choose the one that suits your requirement and the widget transforms.

For instance, we have a table which shows the AdWords Impressions and AdWords Clicks for every week in a month. If we want to view this data in a different visualization, we can choose to transform the table into a column chart.

Some of the widget types require a specific set or certain minimum number of dimensions or metrics. If the current data doesn't match that setting, a message is displayed on the widget. Once you make the necessary changes, the visualization would be visible.

For instance, if we want to drilldown the Adwords data shown in above video by each day of a week, we can transform the column chart into a stacked chart. Now, stacked chart requires a breakdown to be chosen in addition to the data carried over from column chart. Hence, we choose day of week as the breakdown and transform the column chart into a stacked chart.

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