A bubble chart is used to represent two or three sets of data points on a single chart corresponding to a dimension. At least two metrics are required that form the two axes of the chart and the third metric, which is optional, determines the size of the bubble. A bubble is formed for each value of the dimension chosen.
Here's an example of Bubble chart of Countries- 

The three metrics used in above bubble chart are -

  1. AW: Conversions  - present on the x-axis

  2. AW: Cost/conv.  - present on the y-axis

  3. AW: Cost  - size of the bubble

The dimension chosen is Country. 

When to use a Bubble chart?
Use bubble chart whenever you want to represent two or three metrics corresponding to a dimension. Bubble charts are great at showing relationships within your data and to represent a large amount of data.

Bubble chart is great at finding outliers too. The above chart shows the outlier keyword - [iceland airport transfer]  has high CTR (23%) and also a high CPC (€2.49) but still converts at a good CPA of €62. 

How to create a bubble chart?

Add new widget and choose Bubble Chart  in the widget type. Add the required dimensions and metrics in the widget and click on Done . Your Bubble chart is ready to use on the report. 

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