Date picker is the most important function of any reporting platform and we at Clarisights, are continuously striving to improve your experience while choosing the dates for your reports.

The Date picker can be found in two places on Clarisights reports:

  1. Global Date picker - present in top right
    This is the primary method of changing date range of a report. Note that the date chosen from Global date picker isn't saved on the report. 

  2. Date Override on widgets - present in the widget options
    The date override (optional on a widget), if added, will always show the data from the overridden date range on that widget.

The date chosen on the Global Date picker on the top (numbered 1 in above image) will be applied to all the widgets of the report except those which have a date overridden on them (numbered 2).  

Choosing date range in the date picker

The different sections of the date picker are shown in the image below followed by explanation to each section -

  1. Presets - These Presets come in handy while choosing a standard date range like This Month, Last 7 days etc. 

  2. Custom date picker - You can choose the dates from this section and navigate to previous and next month from the arrow icons next to the Month name.

  3. Comparison date range - The date range for comparison is setup here. Note - this is only applied to widgets which have Show Comparison enabled in their options. Currently, only 3 types of widgets support comparison - Tile, Pivot Table and Table widget.

  4. Include Today - We have an additional option Include or Exclude today (current day) from the presets you choose. For example - If you choose This Month preset, you can either choose to include or exclude the current day. By default today isn't included.


Q. Is the date chosen on the Global date picker saved on the report?
A. No, the date chosen from the Global date picker shows the temporary view of the report with the chosen date range. To save a date on widget, you can override a date on the widget using Date override. 

Q. Why doesn't comparison show up in widgets even after choosing comparison date range in the Global date picker?
A. The Comparison will show up in those widgets where you have enabled Show Comparison  option. The image below shows how to enable comparison 

Note: Comparison is only supported in Tile, Pivot table and Table widget.

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