Most of the advertisers who use Clarisights operate in multiple countries. Hence, there is always a need to see the data in different currencies. Now, you can do this with the "Currency Conversion".

The "currency conversion" feature is present in "more" of report navigation bar. You will find your company's default currency active. Search or scroll down to find the currency you want to view your data in and click apply.
Once applied, you will find the name of the currency chosen on the report navigation bar with an adjacent cross sign to undo the changes. 

Some important notes

  • All the conversions are done on an approximate exchange rate.
    For any date range selected (primary or comparison) for the data (platform level or widget level), last day's exchange rate of the date range is used. 

  • The changes you make here are not saved on your report. Currency will revert back to default once the report in reloaded. 

  • Your company's data will be stored in the default currency (set during Clarisights account creation) and is not effected by this change. 

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