1. How to use Date Override :

When you create a report, you choose a primary and comparison date range in the date selector to view corresponding results in the widgets. 

However, you might want to view a particular widget in a different date range. "Date override" feature can be used on that widget in such case. It overrides the date range of report with the one you choose for that widget.

Click on "Date Override" in a widget, choose the desired date range and click on apply to see the changes. 

2. When to use Date Override :

In the above image, we can see a report containing three widgets. Now, the 'Data from top date picker' widget in which we don't use date override option picks the date range from the report level.
But, the other two widgets are being used for tracking weekly and monthly performances. Hence, we can select the desired week/month or any period in the date override option on those widgets, apply the changes and track the performances for a week,month,quarter or any period, all in the same report .
The calendar icon highlighted in blue with the date range next to it indicates that date override option is used on that widget.

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