Every marketing team has a list of KPIs (a.k.a metrics) that they use in the reports. The most common ones are - Cost, Revenue, ROI, Acquisitions, CPA, Installs, CPI etc. Almost all the reports that you build would have the same list of KPIs. With the metric groups in Clarisights, you can now group your favourite KPIs.

So, why Metric group?

1. Creating reports is much faster with Metric group.
You can add all the metrics of a Metric group at once against adding each metric separately saving you a lot of time

2. Be in sync with your teammates
It's  doesn't help if everyone on the team is working off different metrics, a fixed set of KPI's ensures all Marketing teams are operating off a single source of truth. Metric group solves this and ensures that everyone in your team is aligned on the same KPIs as any Metric group you create on Clarisights is shared with all the users by default.

How to create a Metric Group?

You can create metric group from the metric selection box.

Select the metrics and add them in the order you require.

You will find this new metric group Business KPIs  in the metric selection box.

Now that you know how to create a metric group, learn how to choose specific dimensions and metrics for a report

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