Note (May 2021): Apple search ads has recently changed the OAuth implementation for their API. The older method of uploading the certificate to integrate accounts into Clarisights has been deprecated. Here's a help article by Apple Search ads regarding this.

Steps to connect Apple Search ads account(s) in Clarisights

Step 1 - Add a new user with API permissions

Please note that in the Apple Search Ads dashboard, you will need to have the role API Account Read Only (API Account Manager will also work), however being Account Admin will not be enough. You may have to invite/create a new user for this purpose.

Step 2 - Generate a Public key for this user

Head over to the Apple Search Ads integrations page on Clarisights and enter your username and email address.

Step 3 - Upload the Public Key

Copy the public key (including the BEGIN and END lines with the dashes) by hovering over and clicking on the generated public key.

Navigate to the Apple Search Ads UI, choose Account Settings > API, and paste the above copied key into the Public Key field as shown in the picture below

After you click on Save, you will see a group of credentials being displayed above the public key field. These are:

  • clientId

  • teamId

  • keyId

Step 4 - Paste the Credentials in Clarisights

Paste the above credentials on the Clarisights platform and click "Update".

That's it! Please note that all the accounts associated with this user will now be integrated on Clarisights.

Note (May 2021):

What happens to the accounts that are already integrated into Clarisights?

The existing accounts integrated will continue to work without any issue until the certificate expire. The generated certificates expire in 2 years. Hence it will be ideal to move the integration to the new implementation of OAuth. No data will be lost in this migration.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach to us from the messenger support on the platform.

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