Each user on Clarisights can be assigned to only one of the following roles - 

  1. Admin

  2. User Manager

  3. Editor

  4. User

  5. Team Member*

For a detailed explanation of the permissions that each of these roles have, check out our overview on User Management.

While inviting a new user to Clarisights, you would need to assign him/her to one of these roles. However, this can be edited later as well. Only users with the role "Admin" or "User Manager" can invite users and manage their roles. Note that an Admin or User Manager cannot modify his/her own role, and there always needs to be at least one Admin in the company.

Inviting a user and assigning a role

1. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of your dashboard, and choose "Preferences".

2. In the preferences page, you are taken the list of users by default. Click on "Invite New User" and enter the details of the user you want to invite.

3. In the role selector, choose the role you want to assign to this user. For each role, upon hovering, you can see a summary of the permissions that role has.

4. You can also choose which team to add this user to. <click here for a help doc on how to create and use teams on Clarisights>

That's it! Now the user you invited will get an email inviting them to Clarisights. By default, they will be asked to set a password in their first login. However if you want to enforce Google sign-in on Clarisights, then reach out to our support team.

Modifying the role of an existing user

1. Navigate to the users list on the preferences page (as described above).

2. Search for the user you want to edit, and click the edit button next to him/her.

3. Choose the new role you want to assign the user to. Here as well, you can choose to add/remove this user to teams. Note that currently you cannot change the name or email address of a user, once invited.

That's it! The role of this user has been edited.

Deleting a user from Clarisights

1. Navigate to the users list on the preferences page (as described above).

2. Search for the user you want to remove, and click the delete button next to him/her.

3. In the dialog box, choose who you'd like to transfer ownership to, for reports that the user you are deleting owns. This is to ensure that no report is left dangling without a creator (which is necessary for changing the data sources and permissions at the report level). Hit OK when you're done.

That's it! The user would be deleted from Clarisights.

*Note - If you invite a new user to Clarisights as a 'Team Member' and not add them to any teams, then he/she would not be able to access any data at all. 

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