Clarisights enable different teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on building reports. You can share the report with your teammates and ask them to collaborate with you on building the report. You can also share the report with external teams and provide them view-only access to the report.

There are two ways of sharing the report -

  1. Sharing report with individual users

  2. Sharing report with a team (provided teams are set up in your Clarisights account)

Read this help doc to learn more about Sharing a report with a Team.

Sharing Report with individual users

To get started, you can find the Share Report icon in the report options.

When you click on the share report icon, you would see a box as shown below. You can search for the user and then select the level of permissions (set as Explorer by default). You can also add an optional message while sending an invite which the invited user will be able to see in the email.

The different permission levels

Anyone can be assigned one of these 4 permission levels: Creator, Editor and Explorer, Viewer (irrespective of the roles they have in the company).


If you are a creator, you have complete report-level access and you:

  • can invite new collaborators and assign them to creator, editor or explorer roles

  • can fully configure and edit/delete reports

  • can change the name of the report, modify data sources and choose metrics and dimensions

Note: A creator can only remove him/herself from the report if there is at least one or more creators present.


If you are an editor, you have widget-level access and you:

  • can invite new collaborators and assign them to editor or explorer roles

  • can edit the tabs and widgets, and add comments¬†

  • cannot edit the report settings (name, data sources, metrics & dimensions)


If you are an explorer, you:

  • can invite new collaborators and assign them to explorer role only

  • can temporarily edit widgets (changes will not be saved when you exit the report)

  • can add comments¬†

  • cannot edit the report settings


If you are a viewer, you:

  • cannot invite new collaborators to the report

  • cannot make any changes to the report except for the date filter

  • can add comments and generate snapshots

Usually, if you want to invite users from your advertising partners such as Google ads, Facebook etc. you can share the report with them in the Viewer role.

Share within the company

Enabling this shares the report with all users in the company. Everyone will be able to access the report with explorer permissions. If a user has access to the report as an editor or creator, that permission will override the company-wide sharing. Only creators can switch on company-wide sharing.


Collaborators on Clarisights can be assigned report-specific permissions that determine what they can and cannot edit on that specific report. Hence, a user could be the Editor of one report while being Explorer in another. We have seen our users having doubts about report sharing and confusing it with User roles while inviting a user to Clarisights workspace.

To learn how to generate links to share view-only real-time reports, read this article on share snapshot. 

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