The Combo chart is a visualization that combines the features of the column chart and the area chart. The combo chart displays the data using a number of bars, lines and/or area, each of which represent a particular category. A combination of bars and lines in the same visualization can be useful when comparing values in different categories, since the combination gives a clear view of which category is higher or lower.

Let's try to make a combo chart with dimensions as Account Type and the metrics as Total Ad Spend, Total SEM Cost and Total PS Spend

By default, all the axes come together and the metrics as shown as columns. To customise the kind of charts, just go to Style > Select the Metric you want to change > Select whichever kind of chart you want to change the metric to.

You can choose whichever style you wish and accordingly the chart would look something like this —

Similar to the Area and Column charts, Combo chart also allows you to have labels, axes, multiple metrics and dimensions.

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