Timeline Chart :

Timeline chart is a virtualisation that represents how a set of metrics are trending. The time can be in the year, month, week, day or even any given set of days.

Let's take an example with the metrics as Total Ad Spend and Total SEM Cost. Since it's a Timeline chart, the dimensions here are units of time.

Duration picker makes it easier to choose the time you want to see the chart in. It has five options you can choose from - Datetime, Week, Month, Day of Week, Day of Month.

Timeline Chart also gives you all the features of styling as the Combo chart i.e. you can define every metric to be shown as either Spline, Line, Column or Area.

A nice feature which all of the charts have is of zoom. You can zoom in by clicking and dragging your mouse to define a range.

We also wrote about Bubble charts and how do they work. Feel free to read about it here and ask any questions you have.

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