The Google Ads integration pulls in the dimensions and metrics from the v9 Google Ads API onto Clarisights.

1. Navigate to the integrations page on Clarisights dashboard, and click the + Connect button below the Google Ads icon to start connecting your accounts

2. On clicking it, a pop-up will open that will take you through the authentication process at Google's end (please disable any pop-up blockers you might have). You'll need to sign in to the account that has access to Adwords, and grant Clarisights permission to start pulling your data.

3. Once you finish the authentication process, we will extract the list of MCCs and accounts, and you will see a screen similar to this one - 

4. The two important sections here are "Ad Accounts" and "MCC Accounts". The former is a list of individual accounts that you directly have access to (not via an MCC). The latter is the list of MCCs that you have access to. If you want to connect accounts from the Ad Accounts list, select the check boxes next to each and click "Add to Selection".

5. If you want to connect accounts inside an MCC, please click on the '+' icon next to the relevant MCC, and you will be able to select the necessary accounts to integrate

6. This MCC section will contain the list of individual accounts that are directly under the MCC you clicked. Same as earlier, if you want to connect accounts from this list, select the check boxes next to each.

7. To finish the process after selecting the accounts, click on the "Connect Accounts" button.

10. You will be able to see the integrated accounts on the platform with the options to enable/disable these accounts as well as refreshing the token associated with your Google Ads account

After connecting the accounts, Clarisights will start fetching the data of the last 30 days, you will get a notification in the Notifications section once your data has been backfilled.

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