A few important notes to consider -

  • Once you add a set of dimensions and metrics in a POD, we will begin import of data within 12 hours. Once an import has run, you will not be able to make changes to this configuration of metrics and dimensions. So please ensure that you add the right ones initially.

  • Make sure you choose an allowed combination of metrics and dimensions. Google Analytics does not allow querying of certain metrics and dimensions together, so if such a combination is added then you will not be able to see any data for that POD channel on Clarisights. More information on this can be found here.

  1. To integrate a new POD-GA channel, you'd first need to visit the integrations page. Click on the gear icon at the bottom left of your dashboard, and choose "Integrations".

2. Once you're in the integrations page, click on "POD"

3. Click on "+ Channel" to create a new POD channel

4. Enter a name, abbreviation and choose "Google Analytics" under Source Type. The name you specify here will be used to identify this channel across Clarisights; and the abbreviation will become a part of the name of each metric in this channel. For e.g. if you mention "SEO" as the abbreviation, and add a metric called "Sessions"; then the metric will be visible as "POD-SEO: Sessions" throughout Clarisights.

5. Under "GA Profile" you will see a list of GA views that have been integrated on Clarisights. You can choose multiple views from the same property as well, and each view chosen here will be visible under the "Account" dimension.

6. You can now add filters for the data. Note that the filters will be applied during the data import process, so all data you see on Clarisights will be post this filter. Click on "Add Filter" to add a new one. Here's an example - 

7. You can add additional filters as well, separated by "AND" or "OR" -

8. Once you have finished adding the filters, click "Connect Source".

9. Now, the next step is to specify which GA metrics and dimensions you'd like to pull in this particular POD channel. To do that click on "Metrics/Dimensions" in the options next to the channel.

10. To start with, you can add the metrics that you'd like to pull. Click on "+Metrics" button and search for the metric you'd like to add. Here, we're adding Sessions as an example -
Note: GA allows only a maximum of 10 metrics to be imported through API

11. Similarly, you can add the dimensions as well. Note that if you want to rename the imported dimension to a different name, you can do that here. Here, we're adding Landing Page as an example, and renaming it to Page. So for this POD in Clarisights, Landing Page will be named as Page -

The integration process is now complete!

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