The table is one of the most popularly used widget on Clarisights. Yet, the ability to auto-resize the columns or freeze the dimension column often get overlooked. So, here we are shedding some light on these handy features of the table widget.

Freeze The Dimension Column

Freezing the dimension column will set it to stick to the left side of your table widget so you never lose sight of your dimension values even when scrolling left or right to check your metrics.

Here's how you can do it:

This is a really useful feature when you have add a lot of metrics in your table. It is easier to observe the data when the dimension values stay visible while going through the metrics.

Auto resize Columns

By using auto-resize, you can resize all the columns in your table widget with just one click. Click the 'Style' button in the widget toolbar and just toggle 'Auto Resize'.
All your columns will resized in a way that they only take as much space as required. 

Here's how you can do it:

You can use auto resize whenever you want to fit more metrics in the table without having to scroll to the right or whenever you feel like the column sizing is going wild, a click can sort all of it for you.

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