List of Dimensions:

Level of Detail

  1. Account

  2. Campaign

  3. Spot

  4. Hour

Attributes of Account

  1. Account

  2. Account ID

  3. Brand ID

  4. Channel

Attributes of Campaign

  1. TV Channel

Attributes of Spot

  1. Creative ID - Name of the creative aired.

  2. Daypart - Section of the viewing day i.e broad time of day where ads can be delivered e.g. breakfast, day time, peak time, etc.

  3. TV Programme - TV show in which the TV spot was aired.

  4. Programme Genre - Genre of the TV show in which the TV spot was aired.

  5. Position in Break - Position of the TV spot in the commercial break.

  6. Position in Programme - Position of the break in the programme.

  7. Spot Length - Duration of Spot Aired.

  8. TV Region - Region in the country where the TV channel is broadcasted.

  9. Saleshouse - Media house owning the channel in which the TV spot was broadcasted.

List of Metrics:

  1. TVS: Acquisitions - Total acquisitions attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  2. TVS: Audience Impressions - Number of actual impressions/viewers of a specific TV Spot.

  3. TVS: BTRP - Amount of TRPs bought with a certain TV Spot.

  4. TVS: Cost - Cost spent in TV media buying after cost redistribution between channels aired.

  5. TVS: Cost per Spot - Sum of Costs (TVS: Cost) / Sum of Spot Count (TVS: Spots).

  6. TVS: CPA - Sum of Costs (TVS: Cost) / Acquisitions attributed to TV by TVSquared (TVS: Acquisitions).

  7. TVS: CPO - Sum of Costs (TVSquared) / Orders attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  8. TVS: CPV - Sum of Costs (TVSquared) / Sessions attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  9. TVS: Gross Rating Point - A metric for measuring the value of a spot according to the size of its audience.

  10. TVS: Installs - The number of installs attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  11. TVS: Orders - Total orders attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  12. TVS: Ratecard Cost - Market gross cost of specific spot.

  13. TVS: Sessions - Total sessions attributed to TV by TVSquared.

  14. TVS: Spots - Total number of times a spot was aired on TV.

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