Introduction to Custom Advertising Channels

A lot of advertising channels don't have an API and hence we can't connect with them with an API integration. But you can still import data from these channels into Clarisights by sending the data as CSV files. 

How to create a Custom Advertising Channel

Step 1: Navigate to Settings -> Integrations.

Step 2: Select 'Custom Advertising' and click on '+Channel' button to proceed to Custom Advertising Channel Creation page.

Step 3: Enter the Name and the Abbreviation of the channel. 

Step 4: Now, select the source type. We have provided users with multiple ways to import the CSV files, please refer to this article for information on how to connect each source.

 Step 5: Once you've selected source, proceed to select the Currency and Timezone of this Advertising Channel. 

Step 6: Once you're done with all the steps, click on 'Connect Source' to create the Custom Advertising Channel.

We're done with creating the Custom Advertising Channel but there's still couple of things you need to before sending files through your selected source.

Adding Custom Dimensions and Metrics 

In Custom Advertising Channels, you have to define your own dimensions and metrics. These dimensions/metrics will be the column headers of your CSV file and the columns with headers not defined as either of dimension or metric will not be imported.

Step 1: Once you've created the channel, you'll be redirected the Custom Advertising Channels page. Here, click the 'Metrics/Dimensions' button for the channel that you created.

Step 2: To define the dimensions for your Custom Advertising Channel, click on the '+ Header Map' button. Similarly, to add metrics, click on '+ Event/Conversion' button.

Step 3: On clicking the '+ Header Map' button, two text fields will appear. In the field to the left, you have to enter the value of column header that'll be present in the CSV. In the right text field, you have to enter the name of the dimension that will be mapped from the corresponding column. In Custom Advertising Channel, you can only map your CSV column headers to the standard dimensions: Account, Campaign, Ad group or Ad. Once done, press 'Apply'.

Step 4: On clicking the '+ Event/Conversion' button, a dialog box will appear as shown in the image below. Add the name of your metric (the value of column header that corresponds to the metric), select the metric type (Integer or Float) and format (Currency or Non Currency). Click on 'Create' to add your metric. You can add up to 20 integer and 20 float metrics in your Custom Advertising Channel.

That is it! Once you have defined the dimensions and metrics, you are good to send the CSV files through your selected source. 

Import Logs

After you've started sending your CSV files, you can also keep a tab on import status by checking 'Logs'

On the Import Log page, you can see the number of rows that were successfully imported and number of rows that failed to import for a CSV sent at particular date and time. 

You can even download any import log as a CSV file where you can see all the rows that were processed along with their import status.

Feel free to write to us at in case you need any help with Custom Advertising Channels. 

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