In the Facebook Ads manager, you can choose Breakdowns to do a detailed analysis of your ad campaigns. 

These Breakdowns are now available on Clarisights too. You can find them in the list of dimensions with (Breakdown)  as suffix in the dimension list. The following Breakdowns are available in Clarisights:

  1. Age

  2. Gender

  3. Age and Gender

  4. Country

  5. Region

  6. DMA

  7. Device

  8. Platform - available as Publisher Platform (Breakdown) 

  9. Placement - available as Platform Position (Breakdown) 

  10. Product ID

  11. Time of Day (Ad Account Time Zone)

  12. Time of Day (Viewer's Time Zone)

  13. Platform & Device - can be used by adding both Device and Platform in the widget

  14. Placement & Device - can be used by adding both Placement and Device in the widget

  15. Device Type - Groups the Device breakdown into Mobile  and Web 

Although these Breakdowns are available at all the levels (Campaign, Ad Set and Ad) in Facebook Ads, we store it under the Campaign level only to avoid data explosion. Hence, these Breakdowns can be used with Account and Campaign level attributes and not with Ad Set or Ads.

Here's the data model of Facebook Ads with Breakdowns as stored in Clarisights:


  • The Breakdowns are not available by default and need to be enabled for your Clarisights account. You can contact our support team to enable any breakdown.

  • The analytics data say from Google Analytics or Custom Analytics can't be joined to the Breakdown data. Only Facebook metrics will be available with the Breakdown dimensions.

Super Use cases:

In addition to viewing the Breakdowns at Campaigns or Accounts, you can also build some interesting reports which aren't possible to do in Facebook Ads Reporting. Here are some of them - 

Overview of Breakdowns
Build widgets with the overview performance with Breakdown of Platform.

Plus: The widget can contain data from multiple Facebook ads accounts.

Breakdowns with Custom dimensions
You can also use the Breakdowns with the Custom Dimensions defined at Account or Campaign levels. For example: Device breakdown performance across Countries - 

Plus: Use Breakdowns seamlessly with any standard or custom dimensions.

View common Segments across Google Ads and Facebook Ads
The common segments like Device Type which are available in both Google and Facebook Ads can be blended together by creating a custom dimension to see the total data in a widget.

Like Breakdowns of Facebook Ads, the Segments of Google Ads are also available in Clarisights. Learn more.

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