The Segments in Google Ads helps you analyse your campaigns better by allowing you to drill down the data by Device, Network etc. 

These Segments are now available in Clarisights too. You can find them in the list of dimensions with (Breakdown)  as suffix in the dimension list. The following Segments are available in Clarisights:

  1. Network (with search partners)

  2. Device

  3. Top vs Other

  4. Click Type

  5. Conversion category

  6. Conversion Tracker ID

  7. Conversion action

  8. Conversion Source

  9. Hour

Although these Segments are available at all the levels (Campaign, Ad Group and Ad) in Google Ads, we store it under the Campaign level only to avoid data explosion. Hence, these Segments can be used with Account and Campaign level attributes and not with Ad Group or Ads.

Here's the data model of Google Ads with Segments in Clarisights:


  • The Segments are not available by default and need to be enabled for your Clarisights account. You can contact our support team to enable any segment.

  • The analytics data say from Google Analytics or Custom Analytics can't be joined to the Segment data. Only Google Ads metrics will be available with the Segment dimensions.

Super Use cases:

In addition to viewing the Segments at Campaigns or Accounts, you can also build some interesting reports which aren't possible to do in Google Ads Reporting. Here are some of them -

Segment Overview

Build a widget to see the overview performance across Top vs Others. 

Plus: This widget can contain data from multiple Google Ads account.

Segments with Custom dimensions
Drill down any custom dimension by a Segment like Device with Region/Country as shown below -  

Plus: Use Segments seamlessly with any standard or custom dimensions.

View common Segments across Google Ads and Facebook Ads
The common segments like Device Type which are available in both Google and Facebook Ads can be blended together by creating a custom dimension to see the total data in a widget.

Like Segments of Google Ads, the Breakdowns of Facebook Ads are also available in Clarisights. Learn more.

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