Getting your Moloco Ads data on Clarisights is fairly simple. Here are the steps you have to follow to get the data flowing from Moloco to Clarisights:

  • Ask your Moloco Account Manager to provide report endpoint. A sample endpoint looks like this:<AdvertiserID>?token=<AdvertiserToken>&date=<yyyy-mm-dd>

  • Provide this endpoint URL to the Clarisights team. The team will set up the connector and the data will start flowing within the next 2 days.

  • In case historic data is required on Clarisights, ask the Moloco Account Manager to provide the data for required time range on the same end point. Once the data is present on end point, update the Clarisights team about the same and we'll start pulling the needed data.

The data from a day earlier can be pulled at a fixed time everyday. Please specify to the Clarisights team, the time at which the data needs to be pulled.

Note: From Moloco Ads, we process only campaign and creative-level data, since the very high volume of adgroups in each campaign (given that they usually represent placements) makes the data at that level difficult to import.

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