Clarisights enables different teams to collaborate more efficiently and effectively on building reports.

Here's how to collaborate on Clarisights, explained in simple terms:

Sharing a Report

To get started, you'll need to share your report using the Share Report icon on the report setting.

You can invite others in any of the three roles - Creator , Editor or Explorer  that determine what they can and cannot edit. Learn more

Collaborate in Real-Time

Are you building a report with your team? You're in for a treat, then. You can collaborate and edit widgets in a reports without worrying about the edits done by your team mates. 

The granular block of every report in Clarisights is a widget. Any edits done on a widget is saved for that particular widget only. This means that you can collaborate with your team real-time on a report as long as not more than one person is editing a same widget. If more than one person is editing the widget, the most recent edit will be saved. 

Collaborating on a text widget
The Text widget on Clarisights is no different from the other widgets. The collaboration rules mentioned above applies to the text widget as well.
But the difference is the way the text widget is saved. The text widgets are not saved with each character input but are only saved after you leave the edit mode of the text widget. To leave the edit-mode, you will need to just click outside the widget.

When are the widgets (other than text widget) saved?
Any changes on a table widget or different chart widgets is saved real-time. The changes can be one of the following:

  1. adding/removing metrics and dimensions

  2. adding/removing filters

  3. change styling options

  4. change sorting

  5. transform widget

  6. date override

  7. more options like trends, conditional formatting etc. 

Sharing a Snapshot

Snapshots are useful to share view-only access to reports without needing the viewers to go through the hassle of logging into the Clarisights platform. Learn more

Comments on reports

You can leave comments for your co-workers, recommending edits or highlight performance improvements. To do this, you can either comment on the Report or on individual widgets.

Learn how to share a report or share a snapshot in Clarisights.

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