Quick filters enable you to easily slice and dice the data in a report. Add the most commonly filtered dimensions as quick filters to your report to allow users of the report to easily and quickly filter the data.

Why Quick filters over the Tab or Widget filters?

  • Quick filters are temporarily saved on the report. So use them for exploring data without making permanent changes to the report.

  • As the name suggests, Quick filters can be added quickly by the user, unlike tab or widget filters where users have to choose the dimension and the filter condition.

How to add a Quick Filter to your report?

Before you begin

To configure the quick filters i.e. to add or remove quick filters on the report, you must be the Creator of the report.

See Sharing reports in Clarisights to understand different permission levels.

Adding a Quick Filter

If you are the Creator of the report, you will see an option Add Quick Filter under the report name. Click on it to choose the dimension that you'd like to add as Quick Filter.

Add the most commonly filtered dimensions as the Quick filters. You can add up to 10 Quick filter dimensions on a report.

Once you have added the Quick filters to the reports, all the users of the report including explorers and editors can use the Quick filters to filter the data in the report.

Do NOT use Quick filter as a Contains filter

The Quick Filters only show 100 values at a moment. Hence it is not advisable to use high cardinality dimensions like Campaigns, Ads in the Quick filters as all the objects won't be listed in the Quick filter dropdown.

For example, in the image below, it seems like all the campaigns containing the term sem will be filtered.

But only 100 campaigns will be selected (randomly) in the filter and hence not all the campaigns containing sem is filtered.

Hide/Unhide Quick Filters

If you'd like to hide the quick filters during your presentation or audits, you can click on the filter icon as shown in the image below. This will hide (on unhide) the quick filters section for the particular session.

We'd love to hear your feedback on how you are finding Quick filters helpful in your reports.

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