You can connect your custom data to Clarisights by sending files to an SFTP server. The server is maintained by Clarisights and can ingest data for any POD, Custom Advertising, or Custom Analytics channel.

This article details out the steps to help you get started with the connection.

Step 1: Get the SFTP Credentials

At Clarisights, each company can have one SFTP server configured from them. To connect to a SFTP server you need the following information:

  • host

  • username

  • password

Get in touch with the Customer Success team to get the credentials for your company's SFTP server. Please keep in mind to connect the server using Port: 22

Step 2: Create the Channel

Create a custom channel with "Source Type" as "URL CSV".

Enter the SFTP URL of the file to be connected the channel.

The URL of your file will be:

sftp:/// + <location of the file within the server>

For eg.: for a file located as follows (where pod_channel_1 is a directory and CampaignData.csv is a flat file within it):

The URL in this case is sftp:///pod_channel_1/CampaignData.csv

Please note here that in case your file name contains space character(s), you should substitute the ' ' with '%20' while specifying the URL.

Eg.: if the file name is "Campaign Data.csv" in the example above, then the URL should be:


Voila! Data will now be ingested from the file specified in the URL everyday at the set time.

Please keep in mind that the file updated regularly must have the same name as specified in the URL.

If there are any issues or questions, please reach out to us on Intercom or mail, or your company Slack. To check out information about our other Integrations, please check out this page.

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