Branch is a mobile growth and attribution platform. The following article will guide you on integrating your attribution data (Installs, purchases) from Branch onto Clarisights. Please note that data source like Branch is classified as Analytics channels in Clarisights.

1. Authentication and connection

For each of the app, we require 4 things:
1. App name
2. App ID
3. Branch Key
4. Branch Secret

(If you have multiple Branch apps you'll have to connect them individually)

The above information can be found on the Account settings page: -> Account settings -> Profile

Once you have the above information, you can head over to the Integrations page at Clarisights and connect your app.

2. Metrics

Branch classifies metric into groups called "data sources". Clarisights fetches most of the metrics by default. Among others, these include:

1. cost: spends across various channels

2. eo_installs: installs across various channels

3. eo_impressions: impressions

4. eo_click: clicks across all channels

Then there are custom event metrics. These contain data for the custom in-app events configured on Branch. You can find these custom events on the dashboard.

Please let the Clarisights team know the list of these custom metrics and events to pull from Branch.

You can select the data sources that you want to integrate on Clarisights from the Analytics Config option. Please note that the list of data sources is common for all integrated Branch apps.

4. Advertising Channels

Currently, the supported ad channels in integration are:
1. Google Adwords
2. Apple Search Ads
3. Facebook ads
4. Snapchat ads
5. Custom Advertising

You can configure these for your Branch connection through the Connection Config option.

The significance of the Counter Type and Attribution Type is described below. For native channels, you only need to configure these two options. However, for Custom Advertising Channels, you will also need to specify the Branch Partner Name, Strategies, and Joining Dimensions. Please contact your Clarisights representative for help with these configuration settings.

4. Aggregation type

Branch aggregates data using two methods: "Unique" and "Total". To understand this, let's consider an example. Let us say we are analysing the app_opens across a week. If there are two users, one of them who opens the app twice throughout the day and the other who opens the app three times, following will be the values of app_opens in the case of different aggregations.:

  • unique: 2

  • total: 5

As you may see, over larger time ranges the difference between the aggregation methods will be significant. The Branch API supports pulling just one of the two aggregation values. This will depend on how you are looking at the data on your dashboard. You can find this option on the dashboard:

5. Attribution model

Branch supports two attributions models: last_touch and last_CTA_view. The attribution models can be set to individual advertising channels. For example, you may wish to follow one attribution model for Google Ads, but different for Facebook ads. This is possible and please let the Clarisights team know. By default, the attribution model we fetch is last_touch.

That's it. With this, we should have everything we need to set up Branch on Clarisights.

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