The Trade Desk is a cloud-based platform that helps ad buyers create, manage, and optimize data-driven digital ad campaigns across ad formats. This article will guide you through the process of integrating your The Trade Desk (TTD) advertisers and reports on Clarisights.

Step-1: Set Up The Trade Desk Report Template

Navigate to the "My Reports" page in your TTD dashboard. You can see the different report templates and scheduled reports for your account on this page.

Here, you can create a scheduled report with the following dimensions and metrics:

Dimensions ("Fields"):

  • Advertiser ID

  • Advertiser

  • Advertiser Currency Code

  • Campaign ID

  • Ad Group ID

  • Creative ID

  • Ad Format

  • Date


  • Bids

  • Clicks

  • Impressions

  • Advertiser Cost (Adv Currency)

  • Data Cost (Adv Currency)

Conversion Metrics:

Add your conversion metrics in the format of individual conversion events (eg.: the conversion metrics to be added should be "01 - Click Conversion" and "01 - View Through Conversion", not "01 - Click + View Through Conversion"), as shown below:

Step-2: Schedule Report

Once the template is set up, schedule the report and note the Schedule Name as shown.

Its default format is {Advertiser} | {Report Name}

Please note the following points regarding the configuration:

  • The Date Format should be set to "Sortable"

  • The Numeric Format should be set to "US"

  • In the "Recurring Scheduling" section - you should select "Schedule for recurring delivery" and set your desired update frequency for the reports: weekly or daily

We expect data to be in the format and it may not be ingested properly on our platform if not set correctly. Below is an example configuration.

Step-3: Connect Your Report

In order to connect your TTD report on Clarisights, you will need the following information:

  • Login credentials (email ID, password) with API access

  • Partner ID for the advertiser that you're trying to connect

  • Schedule Name for the TTD report

NOTE: Please ensure that the login credentials you use have access to the specific advertiser that you are trying to connect.

You can get the partner ID for an advertiser from the TTD dashboard as shown below (as of May-2021):

Once you have all the required information, you can connect your advertiser on Clarisights as shown below.

And that's it! Your data will soon be fetched and be available on the Clarisights platform.

Please let us know in case you run into any issues. The CS team is always a ping away. :)

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