With Clarisights, collaborating with your teammates or with external teams is easy. With one click, you can invite a team to your report. The major advantage of adding a Team to a report over adding users individually to a report is that with Team sharing, the new team members automatically get access to the reports (as long as they are added to the Team) whereas the report needs to be shared every time with new users if shared individually.

The teams could be based on marketing domains (SEA, Paid Social, Brand) or based on Geos, sharing reports with the team is beneficial to ensure that every member in the team has access to the report.

If Teams are not set up in your Clarisights workspace, please check this help doc.

Refer to this help doc to share the report with individual users.

Sharing report with a Team

To get started, you can find the Share Report icon in the report options.

When you click on the share report icon, you would see a box as shown below. You will see the list of users and then followed by the list of Teams (Africa and America in the image below).

You can search for the team and then also see the number of users who are part of the team. Hover on it to see the list of users part of the team.

Report Permissions

While the report can be shared with individual users in any of the roles i.e. Creator, Editor, Explorer, and Viewer, it can be shared with a Team in either Explorer or Viewer role only as it is not a good practice to have a lot of users editing the same report.

Difference between Explorer and Viewer


If you are an explorer, you:

  • can invite new collaborators and assign them to explorer role only

  • can temporarily edit widgets by adding metrics/dimensions/filters (changes will not be saved when you exit the report)

  • can add comments

  • cannot edit the report settings

If you are a viewer, you:

  • cannot invite new collaborators to the report

  • cannot make any changes to the report except for the date filter

  • can add comments and generate snapshots


Collaborators on Clarisights can be assigned report-specific permissions that determine what they can and cannot edit on that specific report. Hence, a user could be the Editor of one report while being Explorer in another. We have seen our users having doubts about report sharing and confusing it with User roles while inviting a user to Clarisights workspace.

To learn how to generate links to share view-only real-time reports, read this article on share snapshot.

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