When building your reports, you'll come across a lot of metrics and dimensions. This is the case because Clarisights pulls a lot (if not all) of metrics and dimensions for every channel to support all of the possible use cases. It is very likely that your team might only be using a few of the available metrics/dimensions.

It is recommended that the metrics and dimensions that are not being used in your Clarisights workspace should be disabled. It will declutter the list of metrics and dimensions when you're building a widget or a Custom Dimension or a Custom Metric.

You can disable the metrics or dimensions that you don't use in your reports in a few simple steps:

(Dimensions and Metrics management can be done for one channel at a time)

  • Head to the integration page to find the channels that are already integrated in your Clarisights workspace.

  • Click on the channel you want to start with. Above the list of connected accounts, you'll find two buttons: Manage Dimensions and Manage Metrics. ( Analytics channels such as Google Analytics will only have the 'Manage Metrics' button. Why?)

  • Both sections are almost identical and will contain a table with all of the available dimensions/metrics for the channel you've selected. In the table, you'll find the Dimension/Metric name, the date it was last used along with the number of times it has been used in a widget or custom dimension/metric.

  • Unless the dimension or metric is being used anywhere in your workspace, you can just select it (or select multiple) and click on the 'disable selected' button on the top right.

The disabled metrics or dimensions will not be visible in your Clarisights workspace anymore.

You can re-enable the disabled dimensions/metrics at any time by just selecting them and clicking the 'Enabled Selected' button.

Note: You can't disable the dimensions or metrics that are being used in any of the reports/Custom Dimensions/Custom Metrics in your workspace.

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