Charts on Clarisights now have two new additional features built-in:

  1. Customise axes start and end values

  2. Reverse axes

Customise axes

We've all been here at some point in time: trying to analyse spends by the different country markets.

However, since the spends in the primary market are significantly more than the other markets where we've just entered, the charts appear skewed.

While the above breakdown chart puts things into perspective: spends in my primary market of France are at least 5x multiples of the other markets. However, this makes it difficult for us to zoom in and focus on the secondary markets in particular.

Now, Clarisights supports the ability to customise your axes based on the nature of data. The feature has built-in support for seven charts available:

  1. Column chart

  2. Area chart

  3. Horizontal chart

  4. Combo chart

  5. Timeline chart

  6. Breakdown chart

  7. Stacked chart

Where do you find it?

The option to customise axes is available in the styling options of the chart widgets:

Style --> Axes --> Customise Axis

You can enter custom values for the axis that you want to customise. For example: in our case, the spends for the secondary markets lies between 0 to $ 75,000. Hit Apply and you're done!

The Y-axis has been customised and now starts from 0 up to $ 75,000. This gives us a better view for our secondary markets of Brazil, US, UK and India.

Note: since the customisation of the widget has excluded France from the view, the widget will throw up a caution in the bottom left of the widget. This is helpful for viewers who are not aware of the customisations made that some values may be excluded.

To revert back to the original axes, click the Default Axes button on the top right, and the axes will be reverted back. Once the custom axes are defined, this button acts as a quick toggle to switch between original and customised axes.

That's not all

Spends and other conversion metrics are positive metrics: ordering is based on the higher the value. But, what about when you're looking at an inherently negative metric? Let's say losses, for example.

Markets where we are incurring the highest losses should be ranked lower than the markets the losses are minimal.

Ideally, we would have liked to see the Y-axis reversed, starting from 0 going up to $70,000 so that we can see the countries with the least losses on top.

Well, this is now easy to do. Within Customise Axes, there's a new feature for Reverse Axes as well.

Style --> Axes --> Customise Axis --> Reverse Axis

Turn on the switch, hit Apply and this is done!

Do you find this helpful? Looking for more ways to style your widgets? Checkout our article with more options here.

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