You would often need data to be exported from Clarisights for various reasons like top-management reporting, or build cost reporting for use by finance teams. We allow you to do just that through 2 functionalities on our platform: widget exports and data exports.

Widget exports allow for data from widgets to be delivered to data warehouses maintained by the customers. These exports are scheduled daily to the destination bucket specified by the customer.

There are the following limitations with widget exports:

  • Only up to 100k rows can be exported (if you need to export larger volumes of data you should consider our data exporter functionality)

  • Data can be delivered to an AWS S3/Google Cloud Storage bucket

Step-1: Setup Your Widget

Setup the widget whose data you want to export from Clarisights. You can then provide the link for this widget to the Clarisights team.

Step-2: Granting Permissions

Grant the required permissions for exporting data to the Clarisights team (the same set of permissions are required for our data exporters as well).

For Google Cloud Storage:

Grant the following permissions to the service account "":

  • storage.objects.create

  • storage.objects.delete

  • storage.objects.get

  • storage.objects.list

For AWS S3:

Grant the following permissions to the role "arn:aws:iam::747179778889:role/ClarisightsExternalAccessRole":

  • GetObject

  • PutObject

  • PutObjectAcl

  • DeleteObject

  • ListBucket

Please share the bucket name and path with the Clarisights team after granting these permissions.

Step-3: Receiving the Data

The Clarisights team will now set up exports for you and you will receive them in the specified bucket daily. Some points to note:

  • You can choose to receive the exports in format .csv or .csv.gz (by default, we export in .csv.gz format)

  • You can provide a filename for the daily export and we would overwrite the file every day in that exact name (by default, we export with the date of export as the filename, eg.: 2021-05-26.csv.gz)

  • The content within the export would be of the same structure as the widget being exported

That's it! Your widget exports are now set up. Please reach out to the Clarisights team in case there are any issues with the above.

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