With the introduction of Apple's ATT for devices running iOS14.5 and above Facebook Ads data went through quite a few changes. This article will help you understand how those changes have been implemented in the Facebook data on Clarisights.

Introduction of "Attribution Setting" at Ad Set level [1]

On Clarisights now you will find a new dimension available at the ad set level called Attribution Setting that has values for each ad set. The dimension always reflects the latest attribution setting of the ad set.

Introduction of Conversions in Different Attribution Windows

In addition to the attribution setting dimension we have also exposed all conversion metrics in all the possible attribution windows.

- 7d Click

- 1d Click

- 1d View

We will continue to support individual attribution window metrics for as long as we receive this data from the Facebook Ads API. You may use Custom Metrics to combine the click and view metrics.

Eg: Purchases in 7d Click + Purchases in 7d View windows.

It is important to know on Clarisights the "Attribution Setting" dimension is simply an attribute and has no correlation with the report's Attribution Window configuration.

The existing conversion metrics without the attribution window parameter will always display the number of conversions with respect to the attribution window of the report. This was done to maintain existing behavior and may be deprecated in future releases with ample notice.

Eg: If the report has the Attribution Window configuration of 7d Click, the FB App: Purchase metric will show you the number of purchases recorded in 7d Click attribution window whereas the FB App: Purchase - 1 day (click) will always show you the number of purchases recorded in the 1d Click attribution window regardless of the attribution window configuration of the report

Introduction of SKAdNetwork Conversions for relevant ad objects [2]

App install campaigns that are targeting devices running iOS14.5 and above will have ad sets with attribution setting as skan. Such Ad Sets will not have values for the standard conversion metrics like FB App: Purchase or the attribution window metrics like FB App: Purchase - 1 day (click) . In case of these "skan" ad sets you will have the conversions reported by the SKAdNetwork to Facebook available as a new set of conversion metrics with the "skan" suffix.

Eg: iOS 14.5 Ad Set 1 with attribution setting skan would have no values for FB: Installs but instead would have the recorded installs appear under FB: Installs (SKAN)

Other related changes

  1. Conversion Time vs Impression Time reporting

    Since 19th of January 2021 Facebook has switched to reporting conversions by conversion time (i.e: attributing it to the date of the conversion) instead of impression time (i.e: attributing it to the date of the impression or click of the ad) on the dashboard and are also sending the same information via the API. This means the conversions you see on Clarisights after 19th of January are also reported in conversion time (and not impression time).

  2. Unsupported Breakdowns [3]

    Since the 27th of April 2021 - Facebook has stopped reporting website conversions for certain breakdown dimensions listed in the reference material above (eg: country, device, etc). The effect of this is that in Clarisights you will only see the website conversions (eg: Pixel Purchase) attributed to the different countries and devices until the 26th of April - post which all these conversions will be attributed to a single bucket (eg: others, or unknown).
    There are no alternatives to fetch this data currently. We suggest exploring alternate ways to track this (eg: using different campaigns/adsets for different target devices and including the os / country in the naming convention).

    Feel free to reach out to us should you have any questions!

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