This article describes the steps you need to follow to integrate DV360 (also known as DoubleClick Bid Manager) on Clarisights. We currently offer a mail-based integration with DV360.

1. Create a Custom Advertising channel on Clarisights

Create a custom advertising channel with the following configuration:

  • Name (as required)

  • Abbreviation (any 4-letter alphabetic combination)

  • Source Type: Mail - DBM

  • Currency: the currency of the data from DV360

  • Timezone: the timezone of the data from DV360 (this is usually the same as the company timezone)

Once you have created your channel, you will be able to access the email address related to it as shown below:

2. Schedule a Report from DV360 Platform

Navigate to the DV360 Platform to schedule your report via mail.

The steps of scheduling your report are provided as follows:

1. Select "Reports" from the main page

2. Select "New Offline Report" from the "Offline Reporting" section

3. Configure the new report as shown (Clarisights only offers support for the highlighted dimensions). Also, add the dimension for Date as the data needs to be stored in daily granularity.

Supported dimensions for this integration are:

  • Advertiser

  • Advertiser ID

  • Insertion Order

  • Insertion Order ID

  • Line Item

  • Line Item ID

  • Creative

  • Creative ID

You may add any metrics you want (up to 20 integer metrics and 20 float metrics).

3. Setup a Schedule

On the report configuration page of DV360, setup a daily schedule for the report. You could schedule it at any time of the day (usually 7AM as you would want to see updated data at around 9AM). Clarisights could take upto 2 hours to process the data.

4. Format of the Report

Please note that the format of the report should be CSV

5. Configure Dimensions and Metrics on Clarisights Integrations UI

Navigate to the CADV channel from the Integrations UI and set the header map as shown:

Please note that, as mentioned, clicks, spend and impressions are automatically imported. So in this case we are mapping our "spend" metric (Media Cost (Advertiser Currency to spend). clicks and impressions will be read automatically by our system.

You can define all the other required metrics by clicking on "+ Metric".

That's it! Data should be available in your reports if you select this channel as a data source.

We hope this article was helpful for you. If you face any issues or questions please reach out to the Clarisights team and we'll help you out!

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