Clarisights is an extremely powerful solution to performance marketing reporting for data driven organizations. With completely automated ETL and in-browser visualization interface, designed to replace incumbent spreadsheets and slides for reporting on marketing performance.

With data at the highest granularity you have the ability to analyze performance down to the individual ad, creatives, assets, and aggregated views across accounts and channels as well you can have CXO level dashboards as well as campaign management level all in a single workspace.

With data exports you also have the ability to extend marketing data to enterprise BI style visualisation tools like Tableau.

As the friendly neighbourhood superhero says, "with great power comes great responsibility". It applies here as well. To keep the tool powerful, snappy and user-friendly a little thoughtful setup goes a long way.

Maybe you've just signed up on Clarisights or you already are working with our success team to set up the proof of concept during the pilot. In either case, good data management and hygiene goes a long way in keeping your Clarisights workspace easily accessible and allow marketers using it to be more efficient. Some key benefits of following the best practices include

  • Cleaner workspace and less effort to reach the relevant insights

  • Snappy performance and fast-loading reports

  • Adding new integrations and data into the existing business logic is easier

  • Changes to existing business logics on Clarisights is easier and effects are less confusing

  • Data exports schema changes are more predictable

These set of articles will help you navigate the different parts of the Clarisights product and discover best practices while setting up and also while maintaining the platform for your organization.

  1. Integrating Data Sources

  2. Data Harmonization & Classification 1: Custom Dimensions

  3. Data Harmonization & Classification 2: Custom Metrics

  4. Data Governance on Clarisights

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