Custom Dimensions are amazing, aren't they? DYK - 85% of all data queries on Clarisights include at least 1 Custom Dimension.

Creating a Custom Dimension is super simple:

  1. You create a Custom Dimension and add a name.

  2. Create a Custom Dimension Value.

  3. Then, you create rules that will define the value.

Easy peasy. Well, you usually have to repeat this process a few times, just to set up all the values you'll need in the Custom Dimension. 5 or 10 values? No sweat. 20 values? Does need a little grind but hey, it's a one-time process.

50 values?! Yeah, that sounds like a problem.

But you know we are all saving your time here at Clarisights. That's why we have built out a brand new feature for you, The Bulk CD Value Creator.

Using Bulk CD Value Importer, you can import tens or hundreds of CD values from Google Sheets in a few clicks.

Here's how:

  1. Click on add new Value and then select 'Bulk Upload Value'.*

  2. Link the Google Sheet where you've added the data to create CD values.

    For reference, here's a screenshot of the sample spreadsheet we are using here.

  3. In this step, you'll be mapping the columns from your Google Sheet to your Custom Dimension value and its attributes.

    Assign one of the columns to Value Name. In this example, we are using Column A, which contains the name of the cities we want to add as values.

    In the Enter Rules section, select the channels that you want to create rules for. followed by mapping columns to the rest of the fields in the filters section.

    Note: It's not necessary to map all of the fields to columns from your sheet, you can select any of the values available in the dropdown as well -

    Combining Filters:

    In case you want to include multiple filters, you can do so by combining them by either 'AND' or 'OR' operator.

    • AND - If you want to create multiple rules combined with an 'AND' operator, you can do so by clicking on the '+Add' button and then mapping columns for the second (or subsequent) filter.

    • OR - For this, just have multiple rows with the same value in your google sheet, the imported filters will be combined with an OR combination,

    Manage Conflicts:

    This option will define the behavior of the process in case there is a conflict. Let's say if your Google Script has a value 'Berlin' which already exists in your Custom Dimension. If you select 'Overwrite on Conflicts', the older value rule will be overwritten by the one imported from your Google Sheet. If you select 'Merge Conflicts', the rule imported from your Google Seet will be merged with the existing rule with the 'OR' operator.

  4. This is the final step in this process. It is also super important. Here, you can review the values and rules that have been created based on the data available in your Google Script.

    It's important that you review the imported values in this step because once you click on 'Publish', all of the values will be created and the process is irreversible.

PS: Bulk CD Value Import is currently in beta which means that it still has a bunch of rough edges. It is advised that you use this feature only after consulting with your Clarisights Customer Success Manager.

As a rule of thumb, don't import more than 200 values in one run, as that can potentially choke our systems.

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