1. In Clarisights, navigate to the Integrations page, locate the Braze integration, and select + Connect.

    A list of avalable connectors from the Clarisights integrations marketplace.

  2. Next, using the integration flow, connect your Clarisights account to Braze. This can be done by providing your Braze REST API key, Braze app group name, and Braze REST endpoint.

    Braze app group connector in the Clarisights platform. This page has fields for Braze app group name, Braze REST API key, and Braze REST endpoint.

    Post successful integration, users will see the connected app groups on the same page.


Details required for the Integration

  1. An API key on Braze with the following permissions :

    1. campaigns.list

    2. campaigns.data_series

    3. campaigns.details

    4. canvas.list

    5. canvas.details

    6. canvas.data_series

      Read how to create an API key on Braze

  2. App Group Name : The name of the app group associated with the API key

  3. Preferred Currency for Braze data

  4. The braze dashboard URL

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