Clarisights retrieves data for your connected channels each day for a certain historical time range, also known as the lookback window. If data within that window changes, the change will also be reflected in the data within Clarisights after the daily data synchronization. Conversely, changes in data outside the lookback window will not be automatically reflected on Clarisights, and requires initiating a manual refresh for that time period.

The lookback windows for different integrations can vary, for example due to different attribution behavior, API behavior, or other features of that particular channel. The window for each integration can be found in the list below.

Note: The date ranges listed here are relative to the current date. For example, for a data sync done on May 11th, a "7 days" lookback window means that data is retrieved from May 5 to May 11.

Direct API Channels

  • Apple Search Ads: 30 days

  • AppsFlyer: 7 days

  • Beslist: 7 days

  • Bing: 30 days for conversions, 7 days for other metrics

  • Branch: 7 days

  • Braze: 7 days

  • CJ Affiliate: 2 days

  • DV360: 7 days

  • Facebook: 31 days

  • Facebook organic posts: 30 days

  • Google AdWords: 30 days

  • Google Analytics: 30 days

  • Google Search Console: 3 days

  • Instagram organic posts: 30 days

  • Liftoff: 7 days

  • Outbrain: 30 days

  • Snapchat: 7 days

  • Spotify: 7 days

  • Taboola: 30 days

  • TikTok: 3 days

  • TV Squared: 90 days

  • Twitter: 8 days

Custom Channels

The default lookback windows for data in Custom Channels (POD and Custom Analytics) can be found in the list below.

Note: These can be configured on a per-channel basis and may vary for any specific Custom Channel connection you have.

  • Google Sheets: 60 days

  • BigQuery CSV: 60 days

  • Amazon S3: 60 days

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