Clarisights supports inviting any number of your team-mates to your company's workspace. Here's how to invite a new user - 

1. Go to the settings menu at the bottom left of the sidebar, and click on 'Preferences'.

2. Under the 'Manage Users', click on "Invite New User". 

3. If Access Control has not been enabled for your company (please contact us for more details about this), you just need to enter the name and email address of the user, and click "Invite".

4. If Access Control has been enabled for your company, then you need to enter a few additional details - the role, and the team. Clicking on each role shows details on the access that role has. If you are inviting someone as a "User Manager" or "Member", then adding to a team is compulsory - since otherwise this user will not be able to see any data post logging in.

That's it! The user you invited will get an email with details on how to login and start creating/accessing reports.

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