You need the following details to integrate your Adjust account into our platform.

  1. API token - You will find this in the account settings of Adjust

     2. App token - You can find the App token in the url of the dashboard when you enter the App (between "default/" and "?").

  3. The Networks from Adjust that need to be mapped with the advertising channels. Note that multiple Networks can be mapped to a channel. For example: The networks - Off-Facebook Installs, Facebook Installs, Facebook Messenger Installs, Instagram installs need to be mapped to Facebook advertising channel.

  4. Events to be fetched: The events for which the stats have to be fetched from Adjust need to be added during the integration. By default, only the non-event metrics like Installs, Revenue, Sessions etc. are fetched.

To integrate Adjust accounts on Clarisights platform, follow these steps:

1. Go into the integrations page to find the Adjust integration. In case you're signing up on Clarisights for the first time, you will find Adjust under the Analytics section of the workflow. Click on +Adjust to add a new account. Enter the API token and the name of the Company.

2. Add the apps by entering the App token and the App name.

3. Click on "Connected Networks" to define the mapping of the networks from Adjust to the Advertising channels like Facebook, AdWords. 

4. Click on "Custom Event/Conversions" present inside the Adjust integration page. Then click on "+Event/Conversion" to add the events.

After connecting the account, Clarisights will start fetching historical data, which usually takes around 24 hours. Our customer success team will contact you once the data is fetched and mapped to the advertising channels.

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