To integrate the Apple Search Ads, you will need the Certificate and Key present in the API Settings of your Apple Search ads account. This can be created from the following steps.

Step 1: Go into the Account Setting and enter the API settings. Click on Create API certificate to create a new certificate.

Step 2: Set the access type as Account Read only and create the API certificate.

Step 3: Download the Certificate.

The certificate is downloaded as a zip file that contains two files, one with .pem extension (Certificate) and the other with .key extension (Key).

Integrating into Clarisights

Find Apple Search Ads on the Integrations page of Clarisights. Click on Apple Search Ads to start the integration.

If you have any existing Apple Search ads account integrated, you will find this screen. Click on +Account to add new accounts.

Upload the Certificate and the Key. Fill the Username, Rolename as "Admin" and Email id. Note that the username and email id don't need to necessarily match with the account username and email id.

All the Apple search accounts connected with this API key will be integrated into Clarisights. You can turn off the status of the accounts for which you don't wish to see the data on our platform.

After the integration, the historical data of last 30 days is fetched for all the accounts. You will receive a notification once all the data is fetched. This process can take upto 3 hours.

In case of any queries, feel free to reach to us from the messenger support on the platform.

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