To set up your Appsflyer accounts on Clarisights, you will need the following information - App Token, iOS App ID (if you have an iOS app) and Android App ID (if you have an Android app). Here's how to obtain each of these - 

App Token

The app token can be found under 'Your API Key' after opening 'API Access' on the bottom left in your Appsflyer dashboard.

Android & iOS App IDs

These can be obtained from the Appsflyer dashboard, directly under the name of each app.

Once you have this information, please enter it on the integration page of Appsflyer in Clarisights and click on "Connect Source".

After connecting the account, the platform will start fetching the historical data of last 28 days. This usually takes around 24 hours. Our customer success team will reach out to you once the data is fetched and mapped to the advertising channels.

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