The first update for June 2018 saw multiple changes.
We are proud to present the new platform Clarisights with a new symbol, design, some added functionality, though retaining what you loved in us. 

As you can see, the report navigation bar has been redesigned with a few other modifications

Starred Reports

As a marketer who has multiple custom designed reports, always moving from one to the other, there are some reports you would want to visit more often.
Now you can star a report by activating the star right next to it's name and have it appear in a new section "Starred Reports".

Date selector
Keeping in mind that the Date Selector is an important element of the platform, we have shifted it from the navigation bar to the Report Title bar.

Additional Changes 

  • The quick help option has been shifted from bottom right to the navigation bar represented by "?".
  • The Presentation Mode has been removed as the usage of that feature had reduced drastically. 

Stacked Charts 

Stacked charts help in displaying the cumulative magnitude of two or more dimension values. They help in representing a metric value as a sum of two or more values corresponding to another dimension (plotted along x axis). Each data series can be distinguished by the colour of its section in the stack.

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